Getting a new Paci!!!

Hey guys, hope all is well and everyone is staying safe. I am super excited because i ordered my first adult pacifier. Pacifiers have long been a comfort item for me. Even having one in my pocket to play with when in im in public and not able to suck on it. Today i ordered a new adult pacifier and am anxious to try it out.

Pacifiers are interesting to me because they provide so many therapeutic qualities. We always discuss how sucking on pacifiers feels soothing. I personally found that there are multiple ways that pacifiers are soothing.

The feel

As i described above, i love just holding them in my hand and feeling the different textures. The pacifier becomes like a fidget spinner or a stress ball providing sensory stimulation that i personally find soothing and relaxing.

The way it ‘hugs’ my mouth

One of my favorite feelings is how the pacifier presses.against my mouth. The compression, like a weighted blanket, has a calming effect which i find highly therapeutic. This is one reason i am so excited to get my new pacifier. I am super excited about the large mouthguard and hoping it makes this experience even better!

The look

Im sure most would agree that pacifiers are just plain cute. I know i do. Just looking at puctures of pacifiers is something i find soothing and therapeutically stimulating. Especially pacifiers with cute or infantile designs on them.

Oral Stimulation

This is the most obvious one. Pacifiers were designed to fulfill a babies natural need to suck. Personally, i beleive this need never truly goes away. From smoking cigarettes and vaping to chewing gum, people of all backgrounds and ages seem to have a need to fulfill the oral needs which we are born with and that the pacifier was designed to fulfill. Have you ever cought yourself chewing on the end of your hoodie strings, or remember how popular chewing on pencil erasers was in school? And, have you noticed that people are quick to state that they smoke because it is “calming”? What about gum, this is a very popular way to ease anxiety amoung adults, and even more telling, a popular way to wean off of smoking.

i am super excited to finally be able to try the adult sized pacifier. Can’t wait to try the larger mouthguard and the larger nipple, which i am hoping makes sleeping with a pacifier easier than with a toddler sized one.

Below is a link to the one i ordered…

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